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Animation Portfolio


Written, Directed and Animated 
by Sharon E Sørensen 2021
Dr W E Barnie (Ned) (1896-1983), was a secondary school Chemistry teacher living and working in Portobello, Edinburgh. He was also a world record breaking open water swimmer.

Ned had first swam the channel in 1950, taking part in the inaugural Daily Mail sponsored race, when on the 23rd August, 13 days after his 54th birthday, he became the oldest man ever to have completed the swim. In this narrative based documentary, we focused on the 1951 English Channel racing season, when, at 55 and 6 days, Ned set out to become the first Scot and the oldest man to swim the channel both ways, in one season.
The entire film was made on an iPad with the drawing app Procreate, which meant dealing with some tricky workflows. 

We are delighted that Ned has screened in festivals all over the globe, picking up multiple semi-finalist places and even a couple of awards (Best Animation World of Film: Film Festival and Berlin Shorts) along the way.

Hand drawn in Procreate
Run time 07:08

White Roses

Writer Miriam Sarin
Design and Animation Sharon E Sørensen
Music Camille De Beus
Producers Alexandra Taylor and Annabel Brightling
Executive Producer Scarlett Kefford
Supported by Arts Council England 2022

RTS Midlands Nominee 2023
A commission from Midlands based Script Sirens to design and animate White Roses.
A shrubbery rivalry between two neighbours escalates, but when one of them experiences loss, the other puts aside their differences to offer support.
Script Sirens is championing the creative talents of women and non-binary creatives in ‘Script Sirens Presents: SPECTRUM’, an anthology of eight animated short films. These explore a range of subjects, such as race, healthcare, neurodiversity, mental health and grief. Each short film showcases a different animation style accompanied by original music.
Rigged and Animated in CelAction2D
Run time 03:55

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In Development

We are always having new ideas for original stories and content and have several short films in various stages of production and development. 

Here's a sneaky peek at what's coming next. 


Vis Dev work for our next short, Me, Myself and I
Funded by Screen Scotland as part of the Little Pictures 2024 cohort.
Writer/Director Sharon E Sørensen

Test shots for our 'in development' original short, Glisk
A modern Scottish folk tale.

Animation from our upcoming original short, Monster
Highlighting child food poverty.

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