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Animation Services

Commercial and Corporate Work

From explainer videos to advertising to presentations to TV and film work, our commercial and corporate work is our bread and butter. 

We've produced a huge variety of high quality work for clients as varied as Independent Cinemas, Councils, Educational Bodies, Film Festivals, Telecommunications Companies, Building Companies, as well as household names such as Channel 4, the BBC, Fairy Liquid and Walt Disney Films. 

We can work in hand drawn or rigged animation across a variety of softwares including ToonBoom Harmony, CelAction2D, TVPaint and the Adobe Creative Suite.

Our philosophy for filmmaking is based on good old fashioned conversation. Our onboarding for clients doesn’t involve you filling in any complicated forms, or knowing anything about animation. 

We'll arrange to meet you, online or in person, and have a natter, that's it. 

Give us an idea of your budget, timescale and tell us about your brand, service or product and we'll do our very best to wow you!

We pride ourselves on building friendly relationships with our clients that won't take up anymore of your precious time than is absolutely necessary (it's precious to us too).

Please do get in touch for a chat about what we can do for you. 

Deaf Inclusion - CMI

Money in Schools - City of Edinburgh Council

Character Design

Alongside storytelling, we also love creating characters!

We can create actors and assets galore, bespoke to your project, and if they need to be animated, we can even deliver them fully rigged for you. 

Have a wee peek at some of our cast of thousands below. 

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