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Childrens Books

The Hero's Child

 A little girl lives a simple and innocent life playing on the beach with her father.
The outbreak of World War 2 thrusts him into mortal danger and shatters her idyllic world.
The girl finds herself adrift. The radio talks of the realities of war and she does her best to ignore it, clinging on to the safety of her father’s brightly imagined stories of life and adventure on the Arctic Convoys.
A coming of age graphic novel aimed at Middle Grade readers.
Publication date TBC

*animated short in development

The Beast of Mingulay 

The sun is shining. Golden flecks of sunlight dance across the surface of the turquoise sea. A picture perfect postcard.

Sea Larks, a kind of water sprite, tiny, semi translucent, winged faeries with long golden hair are the sole inhabitants on the abandoned Hebridean Island of Mingulay. Well…they were…until The Beast arrived.


A gentle topsy turvy fairytale with themes of curiosity, bravery and true friendship, presented in a Picture Book format.


Publication date TBC

*animated short in development

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