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Comic Books

The Night Life

Writing and artwork by
Paul Sørensen
A 3-part comic series.
Modern, gothic horror with a recognisably Scottish backdrop.
Dark, murky, otherworldly, a tale of unexpected terror in suburbia that leads us to a nest of shadows right in the heart of the city.
Inky, scratchy linework and limited colour palettes are the calling card of The Night Life.
Episode 3 is due for publication in May 2023, but you can catch up with our band of miscreates in Episodes 1 and 2 via our shop, or from any of our stockists:
Forbidden Planet Edinburgh
Forbidden Planet Glasgow
Little Shop of Heroes, Dunfermline
Deadhead Comics, Edinburgh
Kingdom Comics and Games, Kirkaldy
Gosh Comics, London

The Girl with the Sea in her Eyes

Writing and artwork by
Sharon E Sørensen


A quiet love story of mythic proportions, set in the rural Scottish lowlands. A travelling show, a melancholy alcoholic and hot chips in the rain all conspire to tell a tale of surrender.


A comics debut from Sharon E Sørensen.

Now available in our online shop and in Forbidden Planet Edinburgh .

Red Legs

Co-written by
Paul Sørensen and Tom Sørensen
Artwork by 
Paul Sørensen


A fledgling pirate legend, Robert ‘Red Legs’ Grieves, makes what he thinks is the ultimate getaway, only to be caught by some Gentlemen of Fortune. However, it is an act of his own hand that seals his fate.

A writing debut from Tom Sørensen.

Egils Saga

Writing and artwork by

Paul Sørensen


A reimagining of this classic Norse Saga.

A pen and ink monochrome rendering as a 1-page A3 poster.

Print available from our shop

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